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Digital presence

I worked as a marketing advisor specialising in digital and campaigns, and then as a digital specialist, for the LifeFlight group of companies. I provided end-to-end marketing expertise from paid strategy to the creation of ads to reporting and analytics. I had a major focus on the user experience and how digital users experience and engage with the LifeFlight brands. Learn about some of my achievements below.

Email automation

LifeFlight's website lacked email automation journeys that supported users subscribing or submitting careers EOI's. I created the automation journeys to provide support and engage with these users.

Website subscribers:

Creating a simple automation journey for website subscribers presented an opportunity to further engage these users, encouraging them to learn more about LifeFlight's service and get involved with the organisation.

Careers EOI's:

The careers EOI form on the website has frequent submissions for aviation, clinical and corporate careers. Email automation was the solution that would allow for low time investment in-house, provide a way to encourage more people to get involved with LifeFlight and also remind them of current career opportunities. Below is an example of one of the emails.

Google Ad Grant

LifeFlight, as a charity, had the opportunity to receive a Google Ad Grant for SEM. I set this up for the marketing team and created an SEM brand campaign to run as an always-on digital marketing channel. The campaign strategy focused on brand-related keywords and competitor keywords.

Digital advertising strategy

I developed several multi-channel digital marketing strategies to assist in growing the digital presence of LifeFlight Australia, generating donations to the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue service and increasing course bookings for the LifeFlight Training Academy.


In addition, I launched three successful campaigns to promote the First Minutes Matter program.

LifeFlight website

Not only did I support the continual improvement and optimisation of the current website, I also created prototypes for future designs to better position the brand and improve the user experience. The new designs are currently under development. 

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