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Program Marketing and Branding

The First Minutes Matter trauma training program is a LifeFlight initiative offered free to the community online and via in-person workshops to teach skills like CPR, how to treat a snake bite or help someone who is choking. I launched and managed the program including:


  • Oversaw, developed and managed the delivery of the program's marketing and branding

  • Managed internal stakeholders to ensure the program delivery

  • Oversaw the program's Customer Experience and User Experience

  • Managed the relationship with the program's partner

  • Reporting and analytics for the program's marketing and platform.


In the first year and a half of the program, I built the collateral for, executed, optimised and reported on three successful state-wide marketing campaigns. These supported driving more than 3,000 sign ups and 40 workshops that were delivered across Queensland communities. The campaigns spanned across paid meta ads and google ads, EDMs and organic socials and was picked up by many news outlets.


Style guide

I developed the branding for the program over the year and a half the program has run. I distinguished the program as having its own brand and personality while allowing it to stay on-brand with LifeFlight's. The marketing results shaped the development of the brand, which I then built into a style guide with the in-house graphic designer.

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