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Marketing campaigns and graphic design

I worked as an end-to-end marketing specialist and graphic designer for News Corp Australia’s national tributes brand, My Tributes. I was not only involved in marketing strategy and the ideation of campaigns, but also created the collateral, execute campaigns over several channels, frequently reported on their effectiveness and constantly optimised to better improve future campaign effectiveness. 


In addition, I also wrote copy for articles and sales collateral, video edited, animated, designed engaging EDMs, coded campaign webpages and called customers.

Marketing achievements

National campaigns

I planned, created collateral, managed and reported on marketing effectiveness for two national campaigns for My Tributes. The first campaign (July 2020 - September 2020) spanned across digital display, SEM, Facebook, YouTube, EDM, newspaper print advertising and radio. The second campaign included digital display, Facebook, newspaper print advertising and EDM. These campaigns required constant monitoring and optimising and contributed to audience goals and business outcomes.

Increased UV's

I directly contributed to the achievement of over 500,000 people visiting My Tributes’ platform every month through engaging written content, ads and marketing collateral across several different channels.

Managed obituaries

I managed My Tributes’ Premium Obituary and Digitised Eulogies products. This included liaising with clients and the team’s dedicated journalist, building the layouts of the obituary articles to print in the newspaper, calling prospective clients that enquired on the website, building engaging sales and marketing collateral and training sales colleagues on the products so that they could effectively sell them.

Branding achievements

Over my time at News Corp, I was instrumental in the brand development of both My Tributes and Buy Search Sell, moving the brands forward including assisting in redesigning their websites and updating their brand guidelines and styles.

I delivered over 1,500 creative elements for Buy Search Sell and My Tributes including illustrations, ads, flyers, EDM headers, EDMs, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, mockups and more. See below some examples of how the brand was developed overtime.

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