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Marketing campaigns and graphic design

Aside from my work for My Tributes, I also worked as an end-to-end marketing specialist and graphic designer for News Corp Australia’s national classifieds brand, Buy Search Sell. I was not only involved in marketing strategy and the ideation of campaigns, but also created the collateral, executed campaigns over several channels, frequently reported on their effectiveness and constantly optimised to better improve future campaign effectiveness. 


In addition, I also wrote copy for articles and sales collateral, video edited, animated, illustrated, designed engaging EDMs and coded campaign webpages.

Marketing achievements

National campaigns

Buy Search Sell had a unique brand, services and audiences. This included not only people searching for miscellaneous items for sale, but also pets, garage sales and more. Multiple national campaigns were run to promote different sections of the site to different target audiences. The campaigns spanned across social, digital display on the News Corp Australia digital network and YouTube.

Organic socials

I worked on generating unique visitors to the Buy Search Sell platform via organic social strategy. This strategy aimed at creating humour but always encouraging visitors to the site.

Marketing automation

I created the emails for all of the marketing automations for Buy Search Sell. This included emails for every pillar of the site such as trades, garage sales, marketplace and pets.


Branding achievements

Over my time at News Corp, I was instrumental in the brand development of both My Tributes and Buy Search Sell, moving the brands forward including assisting in redesigning their websites and updating their brand guidelines and styles.

I delivered over 1,500 creative elements for Buy Search Sell and My Tributes including illustrations, ads, flyers, EDM headers, EDMs, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, mockups and more. See below some examples of how the brand was developed overtime.

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